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Buy Used Cars Online - Car Shopping is easy - Buy Cars Online

Have you ever wonder if you can buy cars online without even going to a used car dealership?

Here is your answer! Yes, It's possible to buy used cars online.

We just made a path that's made it possible to buy used cars online. If you have a busy schedule and it's really hard to manage your time to go from one used car dealership to another, you can order one of used cars online and just receive it at your doorsteps. Yes, we ship the used car to your driveway without you need to spend 6 hours of your Saturday or Sunday visiting different used car dealerships.

The good news! The shipping of the used car will cost you nothing or just not significant amount that worth your precious time which you can use it in so many better ways.

If you live in GTA, approximately 30 kilometers away from our used car dealership the cost of shipping will be $0.

If you live more than 30 Kilometers away from our used car dealership, the shipping cost will be only $1.00 per kilometers. Let's say you live in Barrie, which is 76 kilometers away from our used car dealership. The cost of car shipping will be only $76.00 That's less than the time and money that you will invest to come to our used car dealership to see the used car that you are interested in and another time to come and pick it up!

You may wonder, what if the car has some damages?

Well, every used car has some flaws but we are transparent with our customers because we just don't hide the flaws of the used cars from our customers. If you are interested in buying a used car from us online, just send us an email or call. We will walk you through every single step which makes it very easy for you to own that vehicle and receive is at your driveway.

You may wonder, how many steps are there? There are only 4 easy steps.

When you find the vehicle that you are interested in, on our site and inquire about the online buying option.

1- We will send you a complete report of all the existing small damages on the vehicle (Even a small dent, less than a penny size) with pictures and along with the vehicle history report ( Carproof or UCDA AutoCheck).

2- 1- You will send us a copy of your driver's license.

3- 2- We will send you back the purchase agreement.

4- 3- We will make the required arrangements to get the car ready for you and ship it to your door.

4- Buying used cars online from us is way easier than what you think! Buy your used car from us online! Transparency is our policy.

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