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Used Car Lease and Auto Leasing Toronto

Used Car Lease and Auto Leasing Toronto

What is used car leasing?

Take a scroll through the used car leasing in Canada and learn more about our Lease Advantage. You'll discover why leasing a new or used car leasing is a great replacement for used car financing and can be a nice call, regardless of your life style. Take advantage of affordable payments, flexibility and convenience beside the legendary quality, dependability, and consistency you've come back to expect.

Let's start with used car lease benefits.

Leasing Made for Any Life Style and Flexible Option to Meet Your Needs

With available flexible lease-terms from 24-60 months, you can plan better for life's challenges and needs. Get into a new used car for your new job or expansion of your family, while you don't have to stay with your old car that is problematic. Used car leasing program makes is possible to buy a used car which has more safety, better fuel efficiency, more options and higher technology than a car you already have. Whether you're a regular commuter or drive for only pleasure, our used car leasing program offers kilometer allowance options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Leasing VS Financing - Same Used Car, Same Term and Less Money.

Used car leasing can be more affordable than used car financing, as used car leasing offers lower monthly payments versus financing, for the same used car and term. In calculation, leasing rarely requires a down payment, meaning there is no upfront tax on the total value of the used car. The beauty of used car leasing is that you just pay tax just on monthly payments. For example: If you buy a vehicle for $10,000 the sales tax is $1300 in Ontario which you must pay up front but If you lease the same used car, the tax payments will be roughly $23 per month.

Buying a Used Car for Business Owners Can be Beneficial

If you are starting or already running your own business, used car leasing may offer significant tax advantages in Canada to business owners. Check with your accountant to see if used car leasing benefits you. After all, you deserve to arrive to every meeting in style and a better car can gain your business more profit.

Better Used Car Has Its Rewards and Value

When you buy a used car with great quality from Topbillin Auto Sales, the auto lease companies will reward you with the best residual value for the used cars that hold the best value. This is given to used cars that hold their value best by the end of their lease. And when it comes to retained value, Canadian Black Book is the reference for the best value when it's time for a trade-in.

Peace of Mind at the End of the Lease

Used car leasing could be considered as a long-term test drive. And at the end of your lease avoid the hassle/pressure of selling your used car on your own. You can either buy your car out and keep it, or simply drop it off at the car leasing company and lease a new one car.
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